Destination: Napoli

Destination: Napoli

To begin this blog, after contemplating the craziness of our life, I pondered the direction in which to go… how to tackle this adventure without injecting boredom into your lives. Truthfully, I don’t know this answer but I’m pretty sure this will be part “We went here, did this, got the tshirt, blah blah blah”, but EVERYONE knows that traveling with kids, (even doing the mundane of regular life), can easily turn into a 3 ring circus. So, I’ll just be ME and maybe instead of one liners on Facebook, I’ll vomit our adventure here, toss in some pics and you can witness this all along with us first hand. Therfore, WELCOME TO THE LAVATO FAMILY BLOG!

If you look below, you’ll find I attempted this in 2012. You can see how dedicated I was Wish me luck. I usually start project without finishing, which is typical of my personality as I frequently toss between EFNP and ESFP.

ALAS, here we are… we arrived in Italy! Not without some bumps and bruises tho. In February, when we got notice that this was to become a reality, we weren’t prepared for the actual WORK it took to make this move happen. Needless to say, even a well thought out plan has its curveballs.  Anyone who has attempted a move OCONUS (military speak for “you’re going to a foreign country) will tell you it’s not for the faint of heart. Nothing happens without donating a vial of blood from a virgin Nepalese yak in heat…good luck finding said yak, but in the meantime we need 489 copies of your orders, a rain dance for Italian VISAS and a voodoo chant to get your household goods there in one piece.

Anyhooooo, 1/2 of us arrived unscathed. The other 1/2 is currently enroute. Scathed, but we are hopefully he can get the dog thru to Italy. We have met some fantastic people in our 24 hours, the time change seems to be going well, and we commence the orientation briefings on Monday. Husband, dog, drivers licenses, Sojourner Permits (allows us to live here), and vehicle are the taskers this week…